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"Earth- and environment-friendly" atmosphere


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What does an e-friendly place mean for our patients and our visitors?
It begins with our office building which was constructed in early 2006. Everything is clean, fresh and new.
We operate a nearly-paperless office, we recycle all cardboard boxes, and recycle whatever paper we do need to discard.
X-rays are done digitally so we eliminate the need for on-site developing chemicals.
Our high-quality air system results in less germs and a healthier environment for our patients.
We have private treatment and patient consultation areas.  drop down
There are learning opportunities for all ages while visiting with us.  drop down
We provide friendly service by people ready to respond to your needs or answer any questions.  Meet our staff
Our office is easy to find and very accessible, with reserved parking, a first-floor entrance and wide hallways.  We meet all ADA requirements, too.  ADA graphic representing the American with Disabilities Act   Map


Separate consultation area

A separate, private consultation area permits conversations apart from the more public waiting area.


Each private patient area has its own set of up-to-date equipment.

You'll get a closer view of this area in A Visit with Dr. Dan




There's plenty to keep the young ones occupied while visiting our office. Please ask us about our programming options.

A child watches a DVD while awaiting her turn
Parents may also feel free to bring a favorite DVD for us to play during longer visits to keep their little ones engaged.




This first section of the site introduces our visitors to the various aspects of our practice. It provides information helpful in learning more about Great Smiles Family Dental, Daniel "Dr. Dan" W. Salvatore, D.D.S. and his staff, and the cosmetic and general dentistry services  provided by GSFD. Try us, you'll like us!

We are "earth friendly" by...

using less paper, chemicals, and other products - thereby minimizing our impact on the environment.

We achieve this by using digital imagery, by using computerized record-keeping, and by recycling the paper and other items we dispose of on a daily basis throughout our dental practice.







Last Updated: February 23, 2016