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General Dentistry

Our services involve all areas of general dentistry, including professional screenings and oral cancer exams, cleanings, and all the categories listed below. It's all done in a modern environment using the latest technology such as the intraoral radiography. (See the green box in the right margin for more info on this subject).

To make an appointment for an evaluation, or for any of our other non-emergency services, please contact us during normal office hours.

For views of some of our patient areas and the equipment involved in some of these procedures, please watch for photos throughout our website.

Therapies & Applications

Periodontal (gum) treatment
TMJ  (temporomandibular jaw joint) treatment
Limited root canal treatment
Evaluation and treatment for infections



Restorative Dentistry and Dental Implants

Metal-free full and partial dentures
Fixed bridges
Single porcelain crowns
Composite (white) fillings in place of amalgam (silver) fillings
Restoration of tooth implants
Esthetic (veneer) restorations


Night Guards and Sport Guards

Night guards for bruxism (grinding)
Mouth protection for sports activities


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We have no on-site developing chemicals because we use digital cameras - a technology referred to as intraoral radiography - to take photos of your teeth. We can then record the images of our patients' teeth on our computer system for an easier-to-manage and more-accessible system.


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Digitized (computerized) version of intraoral photography

Digitized x-ray as seen on a computer screen







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