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Who, what, where, why?


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Or how?
How can we expect to cover all of these questions? Or so many of the topics related to dentistry? We're going to get a little help from some online resources, experts from where we can pull valuable (and understandable) information, and Dr. Dan, of course!

In order for us to be able to communicate effectively, and for our patients to take full advantage of the treatment they receive from Great Smiles Family Dental, we think it's important for us to work as a team. That means that we each do our part in understanding the problem, the the treatment options, and the whats and whys of the choices that are made.

Along the way, if our patients learn something of interest, find a way to distract themselves or to have a little fun, so much the better. We aim to please, especially when it comes to teaching people about dental hygiene and dental care!












Last Updated: February 26, 2016