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Your privacy
Your privacy is important to you. We know that. It's important to us, too. We protect your privacy in as many ways as possible, from the moment you walk through our doors. We want you to be very   comfortable with the knowledge that your privacy is protected. If at any time you feel that we are not holding to these standards, please let us know.

Our front reception area has counter space where our patients can speak to us discretely, away from those in the waiting room. We limit the use of paperwork, thereby further limiting the risk of papers left to be seen with your personal data. (All paperwork is shredded when we have finished digitizing the information.)

Use of Personal Information Provided By You in Pursuit of Treatment in Our Office

We, of course, have a privacy policy that we provide you with when you first register with us that reflects how we will and will not use your personal data in the pursuit of treating your medical needs. In summary, however, that statement says something to the effect that when your personal information is collected, for example as in the case of your email address, for subscribing to our newsletter or information used in setting up an appointment, that information is used exclusively for the purpose of communicating with you individually. Your information will not be shared with a third party, or with anyone except for the purpose prescribed by the communication initiated by you.

Also, access to your personal information is restricted to our employees and service providers - such as our credit card processing companies and dental insurance companies - with whom we interact for purposes of completing your transaction or fulfilling your request for dental care.

In addition to the above, our patient treatment areas also play a part in our privacy policy because they are completely individualized, so patients do not share spaces with one another, and they are not "involved" in one another's treatments. This separation of treatment areas provides another layer of privacy for you which takes you right through your way back out our reception area as you settle your bill with us, make your next appointment, or show us your grandchild's graduation photos.

We would like you to know that we have your comfort in mind. And your privacy.


Privacy policy for website use

We do not collect any personal information about you while you visit our website. Period.

The only way we will know you individually were on our website is if you tell us, or if you send us an email from the site. Once you email us, you have, of course, granted your permission for us to contact you. We still, however, will not track any activity of yours on our website. Ever.

Collection of Information Provided By Your Browser and the Use of Cookies

This site automatically collects information on our server logs from your web browser regarding your use of the site. Examples of information we collect automatically from all users include the Internet Protocol ("IP") address used to connect your computer to the Internet; computer and connection information such as browser type and version, operating system, and platform; and full Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") click stream data, including date and time, and content you viewed or searched for on the Site. The purpose for collecting this anonymous information - in collective or aggregated form - is to assist us in the design, quality control, administering and improving of this site. We do not use the information to pursue our users, nor will we provide this information to third parties except as required by law in the pursuit of someone suspected of illegal activities.

At this time, we do not use cookies for any functions on our site.

If our policy needs to change for some reason we can't predict today, we'll boldly post it on the home page for everyone to know about it. Fair enough?



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Last Updated: February 26, 2016